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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

India's inflation problem

I wrote an opinion piece in Wall Street Journal today on this subject.


  1. Ajay,

    The page is not accessible as yet.


  2. Nice analysis.

    But, wouldn't selling $ reserves suck money out of the system and put a full stop to the so called Indian Growth story?

    I think it is a loose/loose proposition of India. So much for the great growth story(aka money printing).

  3. Didnt you suggest a while ago that the RBI could cut rates by 300bps, to keep indian rates in line with US interest rates?

    Now you say in the WSJ they have hiked rates too slowly and that real rates are negative....

    What should the RBI do? Cut rates or hike rates?

  4. There are many variants to the theme of political influences on monetary policy; this is the standard one


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