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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Not making progress on entry barriers faced by foreign universities

There are few parts of public policy in India which are in as much trouble as higher education. I have previously written about the entry barriers in higher education in India: if you're not a politician and if you're not the State, for all practical purposes, you can't start a university in India; and even if you manage to get through, the State fervently tries to interfere in your activities. As a response to these kinds of complaints, the UPA came up with the Foreign Educational Institutions Bill, the full text of which is not out in the public domain. Indian Express seems to have got a copy and they have written a useful editorial about it.

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  1. In historical times, caste prejudices prevented Indians from going abroad. Now it appears as if the government is committed to sending abroad every student who can afford it. It is difficult to imagine that any democratic country could go as far as India has gone to block the growth of colleges and universities to satisfy the political class' needs for absolute control. Why is there no public outrage at this?


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