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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Global warming aspects of the Indo-US nuclear deal

The major focus about the Indian nuclear deal has been on proliferation issues. However, CO2 emissions is also an important dimension of the deal [link]. Ila Patnaik has two articles on nuclear energy [one, two] and one on global warming [link].

In the weeks leading up to the vote at the US Senate, David G. Victor of Stanford has done a document The India Nuclear Deal: Implications for Global Climate Change:Testimony before the U.S. Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources. The abstract reads:

The nuclear deal probably will lead India to emit substantially less CO2 than it would if the country were not able to build such a large commercial nuclear fleet. The annual reductions by the year 2020 alone will be on the scale of all of the European Union's efforts to meet its Kyoto Protocol commitments. In addition, if this arrangement is successful it will offer a model framework for a more effective way to engage developing countries in the global effort to manage the problem of climate change. No arrangement to manage climate change can be adequately successful without these countries' participation; to date the existing schemes for encouraging these countries to make an effort have failed; a better approach is urgently needed.

You can access the PDF file via `' (free registration required): link.


  1. Hello Ajay,
    You may find this link interesting.

    Your work and posts are great.


  2. Global Warming is just a lie invented by the developed Western counties out of fear of counties like India rising to economic prominence. It is the lie that the western countries have created to keep India underdeveloped.

    See the truth yourself. Warn fellow Indians of what is really going on!

    This video will open your eyes to the “Great White Lie” of the 21st Century to keep the world’s underdeveloped nations permanently underdeveloped and permanently a source of cheep labour.


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