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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Statement on MNS

The undersigned are Maharashtrians who have lived and worked in different parts of India and the world without any let or hindrance. We are, therefore, appalled and anguished by the recent attacks on North Indians in Mumbai and elsewhere in Maharashtra . These illegal and unconstitutional actions are an affront to our heritage and the traditions of tolerance that Marathi saint-poets, social reformers and intellectuals have cultivated over many centuries.

The perpetrators of the violence have defied the rule of law and challenged the fundamental right of our citizens to travel, study, reside or earn livelihood anywhere in India . What is more, their cause- the interest of the 'Marathi manoos' - smacks of regional chauvinism.

Regional chauvinism jeopardizes the very future of Maharashtrian youth in whose name the chauvinists are agitating. The Maharashtrian youth, like the youth all over India have legitimate aspirations to acquire education, develop skills and successfully compete in the market place to get better jobs and higher incomes. These are indeed legitimate aspirations and can be met by a dynamic and united India . However, if these chauvinists forces remain unchecked and unpunished, it will be detrimental to vital interests of the State of Maharashtra and bound to subvert unity of the nation as well; the unity for which scores of Maharashtrians have rendered supreme sacrifice by laying their lives.

We urge our fellow Maharashtrians to reject out of hand the regional chauvinists who are engaged in dangerous games for electoral gains and call on the authorities to thwart their designs with vim and vigour.

Air Chief Marshal (Retd) Anil Tipnis, Anuradha Kunte, Bhalchandra Mungekar, Dileep Padgaonkar, Harish Salve, Rajdeep Sardesai, Air Marshal(Retd.) Satish Inamdar, Ambassador Sudhir Devare, Suresh Tendulkar, Tasnim Mehta, Vijay Kelkar


  1. Hi,
    Good post, it has a valid point!
    Have mentioned it on my blog.

  2. This is indeed heartening...
    This is forming public opinion


  3. Where were these so called intellectual leaders when Marathi-s were being intimidated in their own land? Raj T has raised the issue of common Marathi manoos as opposed to sheer indifference of English speaking intelligentsia. More power to MNS!

    -Abhay Bajekal

  4. Dear Doc,

    The business standard link (editorial) ain't working. Do you have another link?


  5. the point is this that the Thackreys have been hi-jacking Mumbai since the late '60's. First the railing on the South Indians and so on to the Bihari's and UP'ites. This time to stoke it different as greater politics is being played by the so called "North Indian" leaders like Laloo etc and adding fuel to a totally unneccessary blaze. Its shows how worst our polity has become. I see a broken India - united only on the maps and when taxing the people into oblivion. That day will be near soon. I shudder to think if RajT would himself become Chief Minister of Maharashtra.

    Whats worst is that the Current Cong. govt is stoking this in the back ground with a totally napunsak homo-opps. home minister. Maybe he should be in Fashion. That bitch!


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