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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Second wave of reactions to the elections


  1. While all commentators lament the leaky pipelines and admit to the shifting of action towards the states, hardly any scholarship is devoted to study of specific states. As Amartya Sen pointed out once that there is considerable heterogenity within among Indian states when it comes to development parameters. A recent example of this is the wide variation in the implementation of VAT and electricity reforms.
    Why are not the policies of specific states critiqued and compared?What we hear instead is the same 'truths' repeated again and again like 'Bihar has excellent conditions for Sugar production'. Are states too small an entity to warrant attention?
    What also warrants question is the reason for existence of centrally sponsered schemes. If the success or failure of these schemes depends almost entirely on states, why should center bother about them at all? What special value does center bring to the table? Probably we should have a ministry for disinvestment from Centrally sponsored schemes besides the proposed regulator.

  2. In the Picture Book -

    Is it just me or did anyone notice how all the ordinary folks got their "ink" on their index finger, but the rich and powerful got their middle finger they can show the "middle finger" to others to show they surreal...


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