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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A vote on account, not a budget

I have an article in Financial Express today titled Is not, and should not be, a full budget. I disagree with the media hype about the `interim budget'. Also see the editorial in Financial Express, the editorial in Indian Express, M. Govinda Rao in Business Standard, Jahangir Aziz in Financial Express, and Bibek Debroy in Indian Express.


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  2. "The only things that the UPA government can work on from here on are the areas of work which are invisible to voters...Interestingly enough, these reforms are feasible even today, because financial sector reforms are not concerns of voters."

    Really quite shocking. Coupled with your earlier comment on how "law and order" is more important than elections, this sentence truly reveals your sad contempt for democracy. It would appear that you'd be happy with a government that did nothing but make the trains run on time.

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