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Monday, February 23, 2009

Interesting news flow on Pakistan

There seems to be interesting information flow on Pakistan, though there are contradictions and the picture is not clear.

Joby Warrick has an article in The Washington Post about a forthcoming piece by Steve Coll in The New Yorker magazine about India and Pakistan having made progress, but then slid away from it, on achieving a peace treaty. I am not yet able to find that article on the website of The New Yorker.

David Sanger has come out with a new book, The Inheritance, which I have not yet got, which seems to have some new information about the US/Pakistan relationship. Among other things, he seems to say that the US chose to do attacks in the badlands of Pakistan because they became increasingly convinced that the ISI was actively working with the Taliban. Here is a piece from the New York Times by him which seems to be linked to the themes of this book.

Finally, Eric Schmitt and Jane Perlez have a story in the New York Times saying that US military staff are inside Pakistan helping in the fight against the bad guys.


  1. The New Yorker updated its homepage a few hours ago. Accounting for articles on Slumdog Millionaire, the homepage has 6 articles pertaining to India. Steve Coll's article (along with a slideshow) is now available:

    You need to be a subscriber in order to access the full article. Alternatively, you can buy the latest issue of the journal for US$4.99. It allows you to access the relevant edition for a year. Their digital reader is neat.

    The article is cogent and insightful. Remarkably well researched.

  2. Or you could hear Steve Coll talk about it.

  3. Another piece by Schmitt and Perlez which explains how American surgical strikes are actually worsening the problem for Pakistan:
    I would think India is also exposed to the negative externalities.


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