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Sunday, July 02, 2017

Interesting readings

RBI move to double award may not reduce mis-selling by Sanjay Kumar Singh in Business Standard, June 28, 2017. The two-part solution is prevention (IFC consumer protection) and cure (Financial Redress Agency).

Hacks Raise Fear Over N.S.A.s Hold on Cyberweapons by Nicole Perlroth and David E. Sanger in The New York Times, June 28, 2017.

Took a decade for RBI to even accept that banks mis-sell by Monika Halan in Mint, June 28, 2017.

Is the staggeringly profitable business of scientific publishing bad for science? by Stephen Buranyi in The Guardian, June 27, 2017.

Why are Indian news channels so disappointing? by Ashok Malik in Hindustan Times, June 27, 2017.

Beware of premature load bearing by Ajay Shah in Business Standard, June 26, 2017.

Lessons to learn from the Emergency by Manu S. Pillai in Mint, June 24, 2017.

Officers have been made scapegoat for political failure, says P C Parakh by Aditi Phadnis in Business Standard, June 24, 2017.

This is what foreign spies see when they read President Trump's tweets by Nada Bakos in The Washington Post, June 23, 2017.

The Language Genie: Put It Back Into The Bottle For The Sake Of National Unity by Vikram Sampath in Swarajya, June 23, 2017.

The future of journalism: The secret lives of young IS fighters by Quentin Sommerville & Riam Dalati in BBC, June 23, 2017.

How Just 14 People Make 500,000 Tons of Steel a Year in Austria by Thomas Biesheuvel in Bloomberg, June 21, 2017.

Uber Cant Be Fixed Its Time for Regulators to Shut It Down by Benjamin Edelman in Harvard Business Review, June 21, 2017.

Reversal on rupee-denominated debt by Bhargavi Zaveri & Radhika Pandey in Business Standard, June 19, 2017.

The Man Who Knew Too Much by By Jane Bradley, Jason Leopold, Richard Holmes, Tom Warren, Heidi Blake and Alex Campbell in BuzzFeed, June 19, 2017.

Robert Mueller Chooses His Investigatory Dream Team by Garrett M. Graff in Wired, June 14, 2017.

Trump, Putin, and the New Cold War by Evan Osnos, David Remnick, and Joshua Yaffa in The New Yorker, March 6, 2017.

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