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Monday, February 01, 2016

Interesting readings

`The EU is on the verge of collapse' -- An interview with George Soros by Gregor Peter Schmitz in the New York Review of Books, 11 February.

"This Is Much Larger Than Subprime" - Here Are The Legendary Hedge Funds Fighting The Chinese Central Bank by Tyler Durden on ZeroHedge, 31 January 2016.

To really counter terrorism by Manvendra Singh in the Indian Express, 30 January.

Narendra Modi is losing India's market liberals by Sadanand Dhume in the Wall Street Journal, 28 January.

Pains of a young republic by Somasekhar Sundaresan in the Mumbai Mirror, 28 January.

Christopher Balding on proposals for capital controls in China, 28 January.

What a normal startup actually needs by Sumanth Raghavendra,, 27 January.

The market's troubling message by Ashoka Mody, Bloomberg, 27 January.  Also see a video of his talk of 25 January.

China: Surviving the camps by Zha Jianying, the New York Review of Books, 26 January.

How will China influence us? by Ajay Shah, Business Standard, 25 January.

PBoC in a quandary over capital controls by Tom Mitchell, Financial Times, 25 January.

`My personal vendetta': An interview with Hong Kong publisher Bao Pu by Ian Johnson in the New York Review of Books, 22 January.

Highway for tigers by Padmaparna Ghosh, Mint, 19 January.

Be tight-fisted by Ila Patnaik, Indian Express, 18 January.

Cory Doctorow in the Guardian on India's net neutrality question, 15 January.

The dragnet by Russell Brandom, on TheVerge, 13 January. 

How Ukraine weaned itself off Russian gas by Leonid Bershidsky on the Bloomberg, 12 January.

The mother of all currency defences by Ajay Shah, Business Standard, 11 January.

A better bankruptcy regulator by Pratik Datta and Rajeswari Sengupta, Business Standard, 9 January.

Wilderness and economics by Thomas Power and George Wuerthner, Counterpunch, 8 January.

Hiring without signals, David Henderson, EconLog, 7 January.

The amazing maize by Surinder Sud, Business Standard, 4 January.

The big sleep by Julia Medew, the Sydney Morning Herald.


  1. Interesting video of Ashoka Mody. And, nice to see the recorded videos from NIPFP on the youtube channel. It would be nice to get notice of such events/seminars at NIPFP, or, more feasibly, the recorded versions when they become available.

    There are very few publicly available economic speakers doing thought experiments on the global economy (in India) so it is particularly valuable to have the opportunity to listen in. I also wonder if there was a discussion after his talk (which was not recorded), as it seems obvious to have a bunch of questions and discussion points at the end.

    1. Perhaps you can subscribe to the NIPFP MF youtube channel and the IGIDR FRG youtube channel. We are steadily working to improve the production qualities.

    2. We run a curated announcement service for seminars in the Delhi region. This will give you announcements ahead of time.


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