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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A new low for Indian telecom policy

It looks like the 3G iPhone will be launched in a few weeks. But if you live in India, you won't be able to get an unlocked version, since there is no 3G in India. Is there enough clarity on standards that a 3G iPhone will work with service providers all over the world? Or do we have the potential difficulty that there will be incompatibilities across countries?


  1. Ajay, DoT was supposed to release 3G guidelines in a few days...

  2. Ajay,

    India isn't the only one. China had been promoting a home grown standard TD-SCDMA. It's been one giant goof up so far.

  3. My guess is that only the non 3G version of iPhone will be launched here. The consensus is that come June there will be two version of iPhone, one 3G and other cheaper non 3G version which will suit India well.

  4. Since Maran resigned, Raja has dithered on one or the other issue. One kind of kinds the feeling, he is figuring out how to maximize his (personal financial) gains while in the office for a short while. There are elections next year afterall. I am sure 3G will be one moneyspinner for all and sundry in the Govt. and DOT except of course the consumer....who might win eventually, long run, etc etc. But someone will have to lose big time first. Will they be the Telco's???


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