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Thursday, December 27, 2007

The coolest internship program I can think of

DEA has an internship program. I hope it will help build the next generation of reformers. Update: DEA has a press release about their recent retreat.


  1. Hi Ajay,

    what are the institutes that fall under National Schools of Economics as mentioned in the news item. Any ideas ?


  2. I think the SEBI internship is very attractive - more money and accomodation to boot.

  3. Hi Ajay nice blog your post is very good plz visit my blog

  4. Do you know how and who I should get in touch with for this course? I am a journalist hoping to do a story on this, so more youngsters could apply.

  5. completely unrelated to your post-
    but found this interesting

    A press release on an off-site brainstorming session by the officials at the DEA. cool.

    things are changing at the administrative level an it is good to know that the officials want to keep pace with the changing economic scenario.
    even the forum on capital flows initiative is laudable

  6. How to choose an internship topic. I would like to apply for sebi internship. please advice me.

  7. hi. im persuing mba(international b/s and finance). im looking for internship in finance with a govt or public orgn, with a view to get hang of govt's internal working environment and in the long run, to be able to contribute efficiency & development.
    can u help?


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