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Monday, November 20, 2023


Call for Student Research Associate: JDC- Justice Definitions Project

About Judicial Data Collaborative

The Judicial Data Collaborative is a community of researchers, technical experts, academics, organisations and interested people who want to create a platform to exchange ideas and collaborate on judicial data. The Judicial Data Collaborative is convened by DAKSH, a Bangalore-based nonprofit working on judicial reforms and access to justice.

One of the initiatives of the Judicial Data Collaborative is the Justice Definitions Project, in which we are co-creating an interactive, research-oriented wiki. This initiative aims to connect official literature, databases, and research on terms that affect the study of the justice system in India. For more information, visit

Position: Student Research Associate

Project Overview

The Justice Definitions Project aims to compile, organise, and make accessible crucial data about the Indian justice system. This initiative will enhance the understanding of the legal landscape, enabling informed decisions and research. The Student Research Associates will work on the assigned definition terms by collating information relating to it and uploading it on our wiki, in the prescribed format. The Student Research Associates will be guided by the team at DAKSH, and the work will be reviewed by the members of the collaborative. The Student Research Associates will be awarded certificates based on their contribution to the project.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Collaborate with a diverse team of researchers, legal experts, and data analysts to curate and validate judicial data.
  • Contribute to the creation and maintenance of a comprehensive database related to the Indian legal system and its terminology.
  • Engage in data quality control and ensure the accuracy of information.
  • Collaborate on data visualization and presentation of research findings.


  • Current enrollment in a recognised undergraduate Law Program. (Third year or Senior).
  • Strong analytical skills and a keen interest in legal research.
  • Excellent communication and team collaboration skills.
  • An inclination towards meticulous and detail-oriented work.


This is a part-time position requiring a commitment of approximately 5-7 hours per week, with a flexible schedule to accommodate your academic commitments. The position will be based remotely, allowing you to work from your location.


  • Valuable hands-on experience in legal data analysis, research and writing.
  • Exposure to the work of a leading public policy research organization.
  • Opportunity to contribute to transparency and accountability in the Indian legal system.
  • Mentorship and guidance from experienced professionals in the field.

Apply Now

Join us in our mission to drive transparency and accountability within the India by filling out the google form here

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