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Thursday, April 05, 2018


Research programmers at NIPFP, New Delhi

We at NIPFP are looking to hire Research Programmers on a full-time basis.

We have many large datasets which require management. We design and build APIs that govern data access. We engage in high performance computation to statistically analyse these datasets. The tools involved here are Linux, MySQL, R, time-series analysis, longitudinal data analysis and geo-spatial analysis [example], machine learning. We are at the frontiers of R programming including releasing open source R packages [fxregime, eventstudies].

Research programmers are expected to choose the appropriate tools through research and small proof-of-concept, implement tools including API design, engage in devops for live systems, build applications that utilise the tools, communicate tools to researchers who have an economics/statistics background, and support the optimal use of tools by these researchers. This covers the full pipeline of the data science process: Choice of tools -> establish infrastructure -> manage data -> build analytical tools -> presentation.

Research programmers will work on building devices for measurement of weather, air quality, mosquitoes, etc [example].

NIPFP has a work program on technology policy and research programmers will get involved in work on issues such as net neutrality, privacy, drones, etc.

NIPFP is an exciting workplace where you will be surrounded by interesting people. The remuneration will be commensurate with the candidate's experience and will be comparable with what is found in other research institutions.

Interested candidates may send in their CV to:

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