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Friday, January 16, 2015

Work on building new government institutions at the Macro/Finance Group at NIPFP

The Macro/Finance Group at NIPFP is recruiting.


In March 2011, the Government of India setup the Financial Sector Legislative Reforms Commission to review, rewrite and harmonise financial sector legislations, rules and regulations. In its recommendations, the FSLRC proposed that the draft Indian Financial Code, an umbrella legislation, replace the bulk of existing financial laws and improve the ease of doing business in India. One of the key provisions of the IFC is setting up of various regulatory agencies.

In order to build these regulatory agencies, the Ministry of Finance, Government of India announced a group of Task Forces. These Task Forces are implementation teams which will design and build these institutions. Macro/Finance Group at NIPFP is the `secretariat' doing implementation for the Task Forces. The positions available are in project management, data analysis, procurement of services, and oversight of external contractors towards building these agencies.

Key responsibilities

The key responsibilities of the required personnel are:

  1. Formulate and implement strategies for agency development, including modernisation of business processes, developing business plans, capacity building and specifications for information technology systems;
  2. Design and implement the project plan through which the steady-state agency will be achieved. This includes procuring consulting/IT firms for implementing the plan, and then exercising oversight over them.
  3. Assist in timely and proper preparation of procurement plans and documents for the concerned agency, ensuring adherence to the deadlines and adherence to applicable procurement guidelines;
  4. Perform project management activities including: development and management of work plans, schedules, project budgets and monitoring of consultants;
  5. Participate in other related projects on the implementation of the FSLRC report.

Qualification and skills

Graduate or Undergraduate degree from a reputed university with a major in any of the following disciplines - Management, Engineering, or Commerce. Candidates with 3-5 years of experience in the areas of work stated above are preferred.

Duration of Contract

Personnel will be appointed on a contractual basis as per applicable rules and norms followed by NIPFP.

Submission of application

Interested candidates meeting the above criteria may send their applications to with the following documents attached:

  1. Recent curriculum vitae with complete personal and contact details;
  2. List of references

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