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Monday, November 12, 2012

Land and property rights workshop at IRMA, Anand

Venue: Institute of Rural Management, Anand (Gujarat).

Dates: 04-06 December 2012.

In recent years, land related issues have emerged at the top of the social and political agenda. A three day workshop on theoretical aspects and practical implications of property rights for rural transformation is being organised at IRMA, jointly with ARCH, Gujarat, and Liberty Institute, New Delhi, with the support of Friedrich Naumann Foundation.

The workshop will deal with topics such as the political evolution of property rights, their constitutional significance, the changing nature of land conflicts, the significance of property for economic well being, political empowerment and democratic participation. The Forest Rights Act provides a practical illustration of the changing contours of the discourse. Both national and international legal instruments around property will be discussed. The objectives of the workshop are:

  1. To deliberate on the significance of property rights as a pro-poor instrument
  2. To create a network of scholars and practitioners around property and land rights
  3. To gain ground level understanding of the progress in forest rights implementation

Please visit, to get a glimpse of a new initiative which allows remote rural communities to document and map their own land. If you are interested, contact and see the details.

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