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Monday, April 12, 2010

SEBI's order on ULIPs

On 9 April (Friday), SEBI came out with an order against insurance companies selling mutual-fund-like products without being regulated as mutual funds are [pdf]. IRDA has come out with a press release and an order.
  • My immediate response in a blog post was that this underlines the problems of a silo system.
  • In Financial Express today, I have a column on the subject: SEBI rules and insurance companies.
  • See Jayant Thakur on the Indian Corporate Law blog.
  • Reportage in the Mint by Kayezad E. Adajania, N. Sundaresha Subramanian and Deepti Bhaskaran.
  • Reportage by K. V. Ramana in DNA.
  • Vivek Kaul in DNA looks at the extent to which ULIPs have an insurance component.
  • An interview with J. Hari Narayan, chairman of IRDA, in the Business Standard.
  • An editorial in DNA.
  • Gautam Chikermane has an excellent piece in the Hindustan Times.
  • Timely investment advice for us from Carl Richards on the New York Times blogs.


  1. link to the IRDA order -,%20IRDA.pdf

  2. These turf wars are essential and may provide the best roadmap for FSDC. Its a fine case for FSDC to get its feet wet.

  3. If, I've read it carefully LIC was not included in the list. Why?

  4. dear all !
    welcome to the board.
    today i felt very happy to see the good regulator, SEBI stepping forward for a such bold decesion.
    kindly remember when entry load abolished for mutual funds, all the AMC wept like any thing,but when the saw a huge encouragement from public towards sebi,they shut their
    mouth and today talking about investor benefits.
    like the same way SEBI MUST continue their stand till the end,these very big life co..shut their mouth and sing the same song.
    huge amout of innocent policy holders money simply went into the greedy agents pockets.
    all the best SEBI !

  5. i am really agree with these point these point are essential before investing.


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