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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Evolution of the web browser

By one measure, Microsoft's market share in browsers dropped below 50% in September 2008. They are now at 48.6%. I suspect that this measure ( understates the importance of mobile phones, so this probably overstates the importance of Microsoft.

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  1. Different websites are providing different results. w3schools is very popular name, but somehow their data looks different from other sources. Another popular source - Net Applications shows IE is still above 71%. Even data given on wikipedia ( Global Statistics) shows similar results.

    I don't think IE will drop that much. M$ still have strategic advantage over others due to their presence on Windows machines 'by default'. Google is working on similar deal with Dell and others to place Chrome pre-installed on new machines.

    Regarding usage of mobile browsers, currently the embedded browsers like Nokia browsers dominate the market. Opera is also an important player. Microsoft's presence is only on windows powered smart phones which are very less %. And they are facing tough competition from Safari because of iPhone popularity. Android has just entered the market with Chrome - browser of the future. Things are HOT definitely ...


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