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Friday, July 13, 2007

Feature request for blogspot: block comments from persistent offendors

I am periodically picking up comment spam from registered blogspot users who come in and put a comment on a page advertising (say) stock market tips. I see regulars who are coming in and repeatedly putting in such comment-spam. I can delete these comments and I do. But it'd be great if, in addition to the "Delete Comment" button, there was an additional button which says "Delete this comment and forever block this user from submitting a comment on my blog".


  1. Ajay, there doesn't seem to be an option for negative list.

    You may want to post your request with the blogger help group.

    Also the list of options against comment spam is fairly limited:

    I wonder if there is a third party plug in to enable negative list.

  2. Ironic, considering that the nofollow directive makes comment spam useless, at least with respect to Search Engine rankings.


  3. Vikram, I didn't know about nofollow. Does this mean that all URLs in comments are defanged? Does this mean that only morons are trying to do comment-spam? But I still feel better if this pollution is removed; it spoils a page (like this one) if there's comment-spam on it.

  4. My blog just got hit by comment spams. Over 100 comments with the same line and it is a nuisance to reject each one of those craps.

    Why can't google give a panic button to forever ban that particular commenter (a real nut case).

  5. Is prison regime tough enough to act as a deterrent for persistent re offenders?


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