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Thursday, February 22, 2007

How to solve the problem of Uttar Pradesh

Pratap Bhanu Mehta has a article in Indian Express where he says that the way forward, to break the gridlock of UP politics, is to break UP up into three small states. I think there is merit in this approach. In parallel, enlarging the state of Delhi to include NOIDA and Gurgaon would improve urban planning. NOIDA and Gurgaon are already suburbs of Delhi; it is time for this to be recognised in administrative arrangements. In a similar vein, a way to improve electricity distribution in Maharashtra is to enlarge the size of the footprint of BSES, and thus reduce the economic impact of MSEB. This idea works for the other two private distribution companies - Ahmedabad and Calcutta - also. To the extent that territory responds to performance, and is not a jagirdari, this would induce greater pressures to perform.


  1. I think Mehta is correct. The Indian political system has matured over the years in dealing with the issue of new states. The original re-organization of states in the mid-1950s was violent and filled with fear about national unity being weakened. The recent birth of Uttarkhand, Chhatisgarh and Jharkhand was quite peaceful. All political parties in the state legislature agreed to the change and voted in favor of it. The central government simply ratified the decision. There is a similar consensus building up for a separate Vidarbha one day. There is no consensus in AP about Telengana.

    In UP, it may take another round of bad government and 4 un-cooperative deadlocked parties in the state legislature before the political class turns to the idea of splitting the state. It is better that way, even if it delays change, since re-drawing boundaries is always a risky business and it is best to proceed after building consensus.

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  3. as if jharkhand after partition became newyork,the same is being done to UP,partition


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