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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Mission GST

P. Chidambaram has promised a Goods and Services Tax (GST) will be in operation by 2010. The idea of the GST has been kicking around since 2004, when it appeared in the Kelkar FRBM Task Force report. This requires a lot of work in implementation now, in order to achieve a rollout on 1 April 2010. A host of interesting writing on the subject has appeared lately:

  1. Amaresh Bagchi and Satya Poddar wrote a three-part article in Economic Times [link to pdf].
  2. On 7 November last year, M. Govinda Rao wrote a piece titled The path to domestic trade tax reform in Business Standard [link to BS website] [alternative].
  3. On 13 January, Sukumar Mukhopadhyay wrote an article titled Killing the goods and services tax in Business Standard [link to BS website] [alternative]
  4. Vijay Kelkar and I wrote a piece in Money Today [link to pdf].
  5. Finally, I have a piece in Business Standard today titled Mission GST.

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