Saturday, March 28, 2015

Opportunities in analytical and policy-oriented economics

Analytical research

At the Macro/Finance Group in NIPFP, we have an active research program with a flow of papers, conferences, etc. There are exciting opportunities here for people with a Ph.D. (economics, finance, statistics) or Masters (economics, finance or statistics). The key skills are macroeconomics and finance, modern quasi-experimental and time-series econometrics, working with large datasets and complex empirical research. We are at the frontiers of computation, and write and release R packages. The persons who fit these roles are those who want to get absorbed in doing research about how the world works, or learn how to do such research.

Public policy `think tank'

In our `think tank' role, we analyse the problems of existing policy frameworks and propose alternatives. This is multi-disciplinary work with a mix of economics, law, finance and public administration. As an example, we were the technical team which supported FSLRC. If this kind of work excites you, and you possess some of these skills, please get in touch. We welcome economists and lawyers, and also welcome persons from the field of public administration, including mid-career civil servants.

Public policy `do tank'

Our `do tank' role is about building high performance agencies in government. As an example, we are the technical team which supports the four task forces which have been setup by the Ministry of Finance. This is about setting up organisation structure, process manuals, IT systems, and checks and balances, through which world class organisations are built. This is a rare set of opportunities to grapple with the challenges of creating excellence in government. Here, we welcome economists, lawyers, and persons from the field of public administration, including mid-career civil servants. We also welcome persons with a private sector background in constructing high performance organisations, including skills in process engineering, consulting, and private equity.

The workplace

The Macro/Finance Group at NIPFP is a exciting workplace. You will be surrounded by high IQ people, and little politics, bureaucracy, hierarchy or paperwork. The team is driven by intellectualism and a public service culture.

How to apply

Please get in touch with Anurodh Sharma,   , by 15 April 2015 with a resume and a covering letter explaining how you fit into the Macro/Finance Group at NIPFP.

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