Monday, August 10, 2009

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India's financial markets' availability

Comment by Gangineni Dhananjhay


I really liked your book as a researcher on Microstructure of Indian Capitalmarkets at JNTU Hyderabad. Excellent prose with empirical clarity. It felt like reading Hemingway. It reminded me of Trading & Echanges by Larry Harris.

Building a better credit policy speech

Comment by bagdu

RBI has considerable lack of transparency on its Branch expansion policy,I have tried to analyse the policy at: (

With GoI having already bough SBI stake and slated to buy NHB and Nabard's stake by December, one would hope will lead to somewhat greater transparency. Is RBI a holy cow when it comes to critiquing monetary institutions?

The scandal that is the Indian police

Comment by saravade

Anshul Chaturvedi's blog post on on the Times of India site ( on this topic also seems to be generating a fair bit of discussion.

It seems everyone, but the politicians and the bureaucracy, understand what needs to be done urgently.

The scandal that is the Indian police

Comment by bagdu

Ajay another exhaustive blog post of yours on the topic:

Public goods of law and order

Would have been interesting to hear from Nandkumar himself on this topic from his vantage point as a tech savvy Top Cop.

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