Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Videos of interviews in Indian public policy

Watch videos of 20 minute interviews with the best minds thinking about Indian public policy, on the show `Policy with Patnaik'.


  1. Avneesh Kumar avneesh@hotmail.comFriday 10 July 2009 at 10:12:00 GMT+5:30

    Economists like Jahangir Aziz always adovocate for opening up
    of Indian financial sector to gloabl players in the name of
    financial sector reforms in India and bringing down cost of capital.
    They rarely talk about opening of more bank branches in rural areas
    and unbanked areas.
    Their scheme of financial sector reforms make the Indian economy
    more vulnerable to global forces which are not the best care takers
    of the interests of India. Financial sector reform, on the international front,
    is a matter of balancing and not a matter of maximising.
    There are both pros and cons of the financial sector reforms.
    When they talk about the lower cost of capital, sourced from abroad,
    they don't consdier the cost of sudden and huge withdrawal of
    fund from Indian capital market by the FIIs.
    One of the stregths of Indian economy is that here people depend more on their
    earnings for their consumption requirement and less on debt (loans). This strenght is in line
    with the principle of sustainable development.

  2. Do look at the Raghuram Rajan report, where you will see an immense effort on getting finance to the firms and households that have been left out in the cold by 50 years of mistakes in financial sector policy.

    We've tried something for 50 years now: this is the strategy of having directed credit, bank nationalisation, blocking entry into banking, preventing foreign banks, blocking development of new products, preventing new kinds of financial services and intermediaries from springing up, etc. We have seen the results: this has failed. The vast majority of firms and households of India today are cutoff from the financial services that they need. So do we want to keep trying these failed methods or do we want to be rational, learn from mistakes, and try something new?


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