Tuesday, March 04, 2008

RBI committee report on interest rate futures

An RBI committee has a report on interest rate futures. We might see progress on both interest rate futures and currency futures in calendar 2008. These are important pieces of the `Bond-Currency-Derivatives Nexus' of the MIFC report. It is not, as yet, clear that these two markets will be permitted to work alongside the Nifty futures with rules that are as sensibly done as those used for the Nifty futures.

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  1. Hello Sir .
    I have a query , Why do we need IRF when FRA are working well , world is moving more towards deregulation and the volume of trade on OTC is far ahead of Exchange traded derivatives .

    What can be the potential clients of such a futures exchange

    Will there be liquidity in such a market if speculation is not allowed .



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